Complete Guide on Training a Labrador Dog

Labrador come along one of the most loved family pet breeds and are an absolute bundle of joy! They have a playful personality which makes their master love them a lot. While all of this being said is true, handling their energy levels is no easy task! Labrador dogs are not only a big responsibility but you will also need to take out a lot of effort and train them to make them the perfect house pets that you can see in some pictures. Well, if you are worried how to train your Labrador well, then here is a complete guide on training a Labrador dog.

1. Training a Lab pup to not bite:

Wanting to have a lab in your house is definitely one thing we wish for, well, now you can make it a reality with Labrador puppy for sale near you. Make sure you buy these adorable pups from one of the nearest DreamPet store. For all those families who have kids will need to make sure this is the first thing they train their lab pup to do! While they are highly enthusiastic and fun to be with, they can sometimes use their mouth to explore some stuff. Hence it is important that as a master you teach them not to do so.

The first step in ensuring that they do not bite onto stuff is that make sure they have a good routine especially a good nap, healthy food and exercise daily. If your pup tries to bite your hand instead of a doll then you better go away and show him that this is not the attention they are going to get if they keep up with the biting. Making sure your lab pup has a lot of toys to play with is also important as they can chew on them more and keep themselves away from biting any furniture or humans.

2. Training your lab pup to come on call:

One of the most important training that needs to be provided to a dog is that they should be trained to respond to calls by their owners. This is a very important training that is needed to be provided to each and every dog as this can either keep them away from doing anything mischievous or interact with other mischievous people.

Lab puppies being quite enthusiastic tend to run away easily and hence keeping a name or a whistle type persistent to call them will be needed.

Steps to train your lab pup:

  • Initially try and take a name that you kept for your lab pup and as soon as they hear it, they should be reminded of yummy food. This means that you need to provide them food as and when they respond to the name or whistle.
  • Once they are accustomed to this technique start providing them food only when they reach you and not just when they start running towards you.
  • Nextly start using names inside your house and try and call them when you are working in the garden or in the yard.
  • Next level will be to try this out in the public and see if they respond. If they do respond that means the training is complete and if not then you might need to start overall.

This training is really important as this will assure you that no matter where they are, they will definitely run back to you and will not stray away from you.

3. Training your lab pup to sit:

Lab puppies being full of energy tend to jump around and run around a lot hence training the properly to sit and take rest is also important. It is also one of the polite behaviors your lab must learn especially when there are outsiders visiting your house.

Steps to train your lab pup to sit:

  • Show you puppy a snack and then hide it inside your palm.
  • Once they start smelling the snack lift your hand and go around their head. This time your lab pup is possibly going to plop on their bottom. Now reward them with the snack.
  • Repeat this step till your pup gets accustomed.
  • Once your pup gets acquainted with your hand movements now add in a cue word which will let them know it is time to sit.
  • Over time without movement of your hands, your pup will probably sit on the cue word.

Final words:

There you have it, these three training lessons will help you become close to your pup apart from teaching them polite manners in front of outsiders. Want to try this out on your pup? Then buy one now at some of the most reasonable Labrador puppy price in Ghaziabad from DreamPet!

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